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Astrata provides advanced positioning products, monitoring, and airtime services to commercial and governmental entities in a number of markets, including homeland security, public safety, transportation and construction, in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and The Americas.

What We Do

The Astrata Group designs and develops advanced location-based IT services and solutions (telematics) that combine GPS positioning, wireless communications (satellite or terrestrial) and geographical information technology.

Our Mission

To be the world’s leading provider of innovative location-based solutions. We are committed to fostering customer loyalty and delivering sustained profitability to our shareholders. vital to our mission are financial stability, controlled growth, and appropriate risk management.

Products and Solutions

Fleet Management

It is about maximizing the productivity of your vehicles while eliminating unnecessary cost and wasted time, giving you the right information in the most accessible format.

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Astrata First

Keeping track of fixed & mobile assets is essential. If you are aware of their location and movement – logistics and asset management can be significantly improved.

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Fuel Focus

Reducing fuel consumption is a must when it comes to economy of a company not only because fuel costs but usage and emissions have a direct impact on environmental health.

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Driver Profiling

Astrata is able to accurately monitor driver behaviour, trends, driving patterns and violations to ensure that divers are operating equipment in an efficient, safe, and secure and law abiding manner, while executing their job orders…

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Delivery Solutions

Astrata’s delivery management solutions cover the delivery process from inception through execution and to completing…

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Cold Safe

Cold Safe is used to help extend and ensure the shelf life of products such as fresh agricultural produce, frozen food, chemicals and pharmaceutical drugs.

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Hazmat Tracking

Hazmat Transport Vehicle Tracking System was developed by Astrata to prevent hazardous cargo being transported near or around sensitive areas such as educational institutions, government building, malls or any other sensitive area deemed unsafe…

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iFleet Response

Knowing the precise location of emergency vehicles at all times and knowing which vehicles are currently attending emergencies can assist emergency operations and if necessary disaster management teams tremendously…

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iFleet Reserve

By centralising the management and booking of your pool vehicles, your fleets usage can be carefully monitored – which ultimately allowed Astrata’s clients to reduce costs, increase availability reduce fleet size by maximising the usage of their current vehicles…

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Trans VMS

Astrata’s recognized public safety and security systems are depended on today by among the most safety and security conscious of countries…

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Port Secure

Through the use of door, temperature and weight sensors, and the ability to remotely lock cargo doors, Astrata’s customers are able to monitor the status of, and ensure the integrity of their cargo and trailer in real-time…

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Premium Secure

Today’s political climate, with its growing emphasis on security, makes it vitally important to be able to track the location of hazardous, valuable or key assets…

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Personnel Tracking

Discreet, palm sized personnel tracking device provides invaluable data allowing a lone worker to alert an operator with a precise location immediately when the panic button is pressed.

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Why Astrata?

  • Leading provider of advanced Location Based and Telematics solutions for Enterprise and Government worldwide.
  • Global Footprint spanning 5 continents.
  • Offices and operations in dozens of countries, with major regional offices in Singapore; the Waalre, Netherlands; Beijing, China; Auckland, NZ; Melbourne, Australia; and the UAE.
  • Turn-key Solutions provider of Fleet Management, Delivery Management, Driver Compliance, Transportation, Homeland Security and Public Safety systems.
  • Proprietary, In-house design and development of hardware, software and management platform
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Astrata has designed, developed, manufactured and currently supports seven generations of GEO-IT systems with units deployed worldwide.
Astrata has a team of highly qualified and experienced engineers that conduct research and develop new products, solutions and services to meet current and future market requirements.
Astrata has grown by incorporating new technologies into its product range that answer ever-expanding market needs.
Products & Solutions
Astrata is focused on Advanced Location-Based IT Services and Solutions (GEO-IT) combine GPS, wireless communications and geographical information technologies.
Astrata has a worldclass technical support team of dedicated professionals specifically to aid customers in each of its operating regions.
Astrata Cares
The Astrata Group fully endorses and adheres to its policies on health and safety, quality and the environment and has dedicated individuals responsible for these important areas.
Astrata Sectors Served
  • Transport
  • Fleet Operators
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing & Production
  • Vehicle & Equipment OEM’s
  • Government
  • Oil & Gas
  • Rental Fleets
  • Insurance
  • Logistics
  • Cash In Transit
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Astrata is a premier provider of advanced location based solutions

The Astrata Group has business units and operations in Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and The Americas.